The Purpose of this page

The purpose of this page

The way this website came about
I feel it’s necessary to explain myself a bit.  This page will, for the moment anyway be an experiment. I’ve wanted to try my hand at making a web page for a while, simply to learn how to do it. Setting up a WordPress site seemed to be the simplest way to get started quickly. Considering that I quite often like to write this might be a good match.  I decided on the name Off Hours Engineering for two reasons. Number 1: This page will probably mostly be used to document my projects, engineering/programming/making stuff, I do in my off hours. That’s pretty self explanatory. Number 2: This reason completely passed me by for almost three days after buying the domain. So you can imagine I felt quite stupid when I realised that O H also are my initials. Yeah, I know, I forgot my own initials. But it was a nice surprise when I noticed it. I want to use this site to document my hobbies, but even more than that I want to document my learning experiences. Because if there is one theme to everything I do, it is learning new things.  The page might also contain some random thoughts and ramblings from time to time, and maybe some tutorials. We will simply have to see how this turns out. I am thinking about setting up a page with different engineering calculators on it. I think I might start with some electrical calculations and structural integrity type stuff. Then whenever I need them myself I can find all my favourite ones in the same place, that feels kind of neat. If anyone wants to follow along as this evolves they are welcome to do so. If you want to learn more about me check out the about me page.