First visitor!

I just noticed something fun! According to my analytics widget I recently had my first visitor. My bounce rate is currently 100% by the way. I’m guessing that this will change when there is any content at all on the site. I mean so far I only have a short explanation of the page online, and that’s just a place holder for something longer and more exhaustive that’s in the works. I decided to take my time to sort out all the layout stuff and configuration of the site before posting any content. I’m not in a rush basically and since this is all a learning experience I think it’s better to let it take the time it takes.

It is actually kind of weird that someone found me. I have so far not told anyone that I have started this site, and the page is not ranked in Google. Or it might be ranked but at place a billion or something. My point is that for someone to find me they would have to write my exact URL into the search bar, and no one knows my exact URL except for me.

Like I said, it’s kind of weird.

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