Hi, I’m Oscar.

You see that slightly deranged looking guy in the picture? That’s me.

And just so you know, the picture says a lot more about my talent for taking selfies than my state of mind.

One of my favourite pastimes is learning new things and I’m quite good at it. This entire website came about partly because I wanted to learn web-development.

And while I’m learning that I’m going to use this platform to document and describe my different projects, experiences, insights, and try to pass along as much of that knowledge to you as I can.

Welcome to the show.

A picture of me


Learning how to manipulate the digital world by any means I see fit. Ladder, Function-blocks, C/C++, Javascript and any other technology that is appropriate for the task at hand.



Mechanical, Electrical, and Digital, they all have their place and should be used to complement each other.



Everything from blinking LED:s on a breadboard to 3D printers designed from scratch and everything in between. Documenting my learning experience and showing you the route to get here.


If you have any suggestions about topics or questions you think I can answer, please use the contact form and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


I cannot offer you anything except my friendship and gratitude, but if you want that you are welcome to sign up.
With the help from you we can make this into something great.

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